D.S. al Fine

D.S. al Fine is a space fantasy adventure that takes place in a galaxy far from our own. The story begins on the planet Liftenfield, where our protagonist lives. She has been pressured all her life to hold the peace her father miraculously made of their divided land years ago. Rather than follow the plan laid out for her, Princess Charlotte abandons her throne to become a bard.

Charlotte gains the powers of the Music Goddess through the enchanted lyre she picks up and must quickly fix the resulting political chaos that resulted from abandoning her kingdom. Along the way she encounters dragons, travels to other planets, and recruits a new group of friends to help save her kingdom.

Written By: Kelly Brajevich
Illustrated By: Lee Milewski

This is the first professional comic Kelly has written, but she is no stranger to writing about comics. Her master's dissertation was on the impact of comic books on its readers and she is applying for doctoral research to start in 2018 to study the narrative elements of comic books. Her inspirations are Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction.

Lee Milewski, our seasoned comics veteran, has been self-publishing comics for several years. Some of his works include Focus Shift, a sci-fi adventure comic, Tangled Weeds, a horror graphic novel, and The Somber Crown, a two issue fantasy-adventure comic.
Long story short, we're two big freakin' nerds.

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